The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame celebrates the achievements of an exclusive group of motorsports icons at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Renamed from the “Auto Racing Hall of Fame” in 2018, induction into the IMS Hall of Fame is very difficult. To be voted in it means you have created a lasting legacy as a driver, team official or mechanic; supplier or racing official, and contributed uniquely to the unparalleled history and culture of IMS.

The IMS Hall of Fame was founded in 1952 as the Auto Racing Hall of Fame, under the  auspices of the Contest Board of the American Automobile Association (AAA). In 1962, IMS Owner and President Anton “Tony” Hulman moved the Hall of Fame from Detroit to the IMS Hall of Fame Museum (renamed Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum in 2015).

The parameters to be considered for induction have changed over the years. In its initial form, the Auto Racing Hall of Fame honored persons with an impact on the development of the auto and auto racing industries, without regard to Indianapolis Motor Speedway accomplishments.

Later, Indianapolis 500 achievements or contributions became an ever-increasing factor, and today, the mission of the rebranded Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame is to honor drivers, chief mechanics, automotive engineers and designers, team owners, journalists, historians, and racetrack and series officials affiliated with the Indianapolis 500, NASCAR racing at IMS, or the United States Grand Prix Formula One race when it was part of the IMS calendar from 2000-2007. Click here for IMS Hall of Fame Inductees.