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    Before the current building was opened in 1976, the Museum spent the first twenty years of existence just outside of the turn 1 grandstands. Opening in 1956, in honor of the late Wilbur Shaw who helped save the speedway after WWII and was a three-time winner of the “500”, the collection began with his winning Maserati racer.

    This was the spark that ignited one of the world’s premiere automotive collections and a Museum centered at the heart of the track, preserving and celebrating the history of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for generations to come.

    “1956” honors the original Museum, featuring the first 13 vehicles on display, early collection items, and the history of the Museum.

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    The fans have always been at the heart of what drives the excitement and stories at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The passion and fandom of The Racing Capital of the World shines in this very unique display.

    Our first guest-curated exhibition features the top selected cars as well as cherished memorabilia from our collection. Each of the 15 cars featured was voted in by you, the fans! Vehicles span multiple eras and forms of motor racing, some of which rarely have been seen outside of the fabled Basement Collection.

    Wild creations, fan favorites, and the unexpected are all a part of this celebration of our collection. See if you favorite car made it in!

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    Winner's Gallery

    See the cars that propelled their drivers to Victory Lane! More than 25 Indy 500-winning cars are on display at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, spanning more than a century of history at the Indianapolis 500. Highlights from this priceless collection include the 1922 Duesenberg, 1938 Maserati, 1948 Watson, and 1911 Marmon Wasp—the famed six-cylinder that won the first Indianapolis 500.

    These one-of-a-kind vehicles are displayed alongside the iconic Borg-Warner Trophy, the annual prize awarded to the Indianapolis 500 victors.* The trophy features the silver-sculpted likeness of each Indy 500 winner, standing more than five feet tall and weighing a total of 110 pounds.

    Throughout the Winners Gallery, you’ll also find historic race programs and memorabilia, helmets throughout the years, bricks from the original 1909 racetrack, and pieces from our beautiful silver trophy collection, including the personal collection of Rudolf Caracciola.

    *Please note that the cars on display will vary according to exhibition schedules. The Borg-Warner Trophy is currently on display in the Traditions exhibit and may occasionally be unavailable for display while featured at off-site events. Please contact the Museum at 317-492-6784 for more information.

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    The Indianapolis 500 and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway have long been part of American sports culture. Over 250,000 race fans from across the world make the annual journey to witness The Greatest Spectacle in Racing. 

    But the Indy 500 is more than just 200 laps of edge-of-your-seat competition. It’s about the fans packed into the Snake Pit. It’s about listening to calls on the radio. It’s about drinking the milk and kissing the bricks. Because the Indy 500 is an entire month of traditions!

    In this new exhibition, the Museum invites you to relive your favorite traditions at the Racing Capital of the World. Traditions features iconic photography, inspiring videos, and interactive displays to celebrate the Month of May all year long. Highlights include stories about tailgating, concerts, The Command, and the classic song: “Back Home Again in Indiana.” Speedway.