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1983 Skoal Bandit

Driven by: Teo Fabi

Italian driver Teo Fabi caused a sensation on May 21, 1983 when he became the first “rookie’ to win the pole position for the Indianapolis 500 since Walt Faulkner in 1950. Driving a 161-cubic-inch turbocharged V8 Cosworth-powered March, Fabi broke the all-time qualifying records with an average speed of 207.395 mph for the four consecutive laps and 208.049 mph for the single lap. In spite of never having even witnessed a “500” before, he proceeded to lead the first 23 laps and was near the front of the pack on lap 47 when a fuel gasket became dislodged while he was making his first pit stop.

Adopted by: Alessio Galeni