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Mari Hulman George

MARI HULMAN GEORGE has been best known for her role as a board member and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hulman & Company. The only child of the late Anton “Tony” Hulman, Jr. and Mary Fendrich Hulman, who purchased the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in November 1945, George has been a tireless supporter of auto racing and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Long before her 21st birthday, she joined with longtime family friend Roger Wolcott to form the HOW racing team, which fielded sprint cars for several drivers including Jerry Hoyt, Eddie Sachs, Tony Bettenhausen, Roger McCluskey, and Elmer George, whom she married in April 1957. Elmer George won the Midwest Sprint Car Championship title in 1957 and finished third in both 1956 and 1958. Sachs was runner-up in the Midwest Sprint Car rankings in 1954. HOW Racing also fielded a National Championship car for several years, with wins in the Syracuse, New York, 100-miler and other top finishes through 1962. Carrying on the extraordinary philanthropy of her parents, George has been a significant supporter of the arts, heath care, and, in particular, animal welfare.