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Eddie Kuzma

EDDIE KUZMA quietly turned out an outstanding series of American Automobile Association and United States Auto Club Championship cars, which combined to claim 60 major wins from 1951 through 1969. Driving Kuzma-built cars, Troy Ruttman won the Indianapolis 500 in 1952 and Mario Andretti won it in 1969. Kuzma race cars won the Hoosier 100 dirt-track race in Indianapolis eight times. Elsewhere, Jimmy Bryan won three National Championship titles and all but two of his 19 Championship victories, plus the 1957 Monza (Italy) 500, in cars from Kuzma’s shop. Other drivers who won with Kuzma race cars included Walt Faulkner, Bill Vukovich, Chuck Stevenson, Bob Sweikert, Manny Ayulo, Johnny Thomson, George Amick, Tony Bettenhausen, Pat O’Connor, Len Sutton, Art Bisch, Eddie Sachs, Jim Hurtubise, and Parnelli Jones.