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1963 Winner

Driver: Parnelli Jones

Driven to the pole position for the 1962 Indianapolis 500 by Parnelli Jones, the A. J. Watson-built and J. C. Agajanian-owned Offenhauser-powered roadster, nicknamed “Calhoun,” was the first car to officially lap the legendary speedway in excess of 150 mph. After breaking his own records to win the pole again in 1963, Jones went on to win the race. In the car’s 1960 debut, rookie Lloyd Ruby was on his way to a possible third-place finish when a late tire change dropped him to seventh. Jones then took over for the next four years and never started worse than fifth. Sporting a different-appearing Johnny Pouelsen-designed nose section each year, Jones led 27 laps as a rookie in 1961, 120 out of the first 125 until his brakes failed in 1962, 167 out of 200 in 1963, and seven more in the early stages of 1964.

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