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The IMS Museum works collaboratively with IUPUI’s Center for Digital Scholarship to 3-D scan selected objects from our collection. Students, under supervision, scan and process the 3D images, making them available online through a program called Sketchfab. This partnership allows students to receive a hands-on learning experience and provides an opportunity for the Museum to make objects available in digital format, while also retaining these important scans for our archives.

Not only does this help us meet our goal to preserve these objects digitally, but also to engage our online visitors in a new way, which aligns with one of the overall goals of the Center for Digital Scholarship. Audiences from all over the globe can learn about racing history through these objects and the Museum can use the 3-D scans in exhibits and special educational programming. Look for more to come from this partnership as we add additional items in the future!

If you’d like to learn more about the 3D scanning process at the IUPUI Center for Digital Scholarship, please read this article on their website on how 3D scanning works. Enjoy and explore the 3D scans from our helmet (below left), firesuits (below center) and hood ornaments (below right) collections!