Novi Grooved Piston Special

Name: Novi Grooved Piston Special

Year Built: 1947

Livery Year: 1948

Livery Year Driver: Duke Nalon

Sponsor: Novi Grooved Piston

Chassis: Kurtis

Engine: Novi

Beloved by racing fans because of their excessive noise and sheer speed, the 183-cubic-inch V8 supercharged Novi racing cars appeared in several forms at Indianapolis between 1941 and 1966. Sentimental favorites year after year, the Novi’s usually would qualify well, break track records and lead the race, only to have something go wrong. The highest-ever finish by a Novi came in 1948 when Duke Nalon drove the #54 Novi Grooved Piston Special to third place. In addition to being the fastest qualifier that year (but not on the pole), Duke started from the pole position with the same car in 1949 and 1951, but did not finish in either year.


Phil and Judy Gumpert