Adoption benefits:

* One-year Teammates membership

* A vintage photo of your adopted car

* Recognition signage with the car during the run of the exhibit

* Recognition and on the Museum’s website under current exhibits

* Listing on the Adopt-an-Exhibit donor wall in the Museum

* A certificate of adoption

Gulf Miller

Year Built: 1938

Chassis: Miller

Engine: Miller

Drivers: Ralph Hepburn, George Bailey, George Barringer, Al Miller

Sponsor: Preston Tucker

Adoption cost: $750

Following the first-ever appearance by a rear-engine car at Indianapolis during practice in 1937, the Gulf Oil Company commissioned legendary car constructor Harry Miller to build two such vehicles. Incredibly futuristic for the time, they featured four-wheel drive and a supercharged six-cylinder Miller engine, tilted over at an angle. Only one arrived in time for 1938 “500” practice, however, and Ralph Hepburn was too late to the qualifying line to make an attempt on the final day. Miller had three rear-engine cars ready for 1939, but only driver George Bailey was able to qualify. He started sixth and finished 26th due to an engine problem, the first rear-engine car ever in the “500” race-day lineup. Of the handful of starts by these cars between 1939 and 1947, none lasted for more than Bailey’s 47 laps in 1939. The cars were designed to run on pump gasoline and featured side-mounted pontoon tanks, which proved to be very dangerous. After a pair of severe fires, the cars appeared in 1941 minus the tanks. The IMS Foundation acquired the Gulf-Miller in 1958, placing it among a 12-car display in the Museum’s original location outside Turn 1.