Byrd’s Cafeteria/ Bryant Heating Reynard 94I

Name: Byrd’s Cafeteria/ Bryant Heating Reynard 94I

Year Built: 1994

Livery Year: 1996

Livery Year Driver: Arie Luyendyk

Sponsor: Byrd’s Cafeteria/Bryant Heating

Chassis: Reynard 94I

Engine: Ford Cosworth

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s current one- and four-lap qualifying records, plus the fastest-ever practice lap, were set by driver Arie Luyendyk with this car in May 1996. On the first day of Indianapolis 500 qualifying, Luyendyk sat on the pole with a speed of 233.390 mph until Team Menard driver Scott Brayton withdrew his original entry (at that time qualified for the second-place position) and re-qualified in a backup car at 233.718, knocking Luyendyk from the pole. Luyendyk’s car was then found to be seven pounds underweight, and he was allowed to make another qualifying attempt on the second day. On Sunday, May 11, Luyendyk established the one-lap track qualifying record of 237.498 mph and set the four-lap mark at 236.986 mph. Also, Arie recorded the track’s all-time fastest lap, 239.260 mph, during practice that year. Starting 20th in the race, Luyendyk was a contender until contact with Eliseo Salazar in the south chute acceleration lane damaged the car on lap 98. Luyendyk finished 16th, completing 149 laps.


Stephen Hatfield
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