Ford Econoline Van

Name: Ford Econoline Van

Year Built: 1967

Driver: Larry Bisceglia

Larry Bisceglia became quite a celebrity over the years at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for his obsession with being “first in line” as a fan, sometimes arriving six weeks before the race. Originally from Chicago, he traveled from Long Beach, California, or Reno, Nevada, for many years with a 1933 DeSoto and between 1955 and 1967 with a 1951 Chevrolet panel truck. On the first qualifying day in 1967, he was called to the start/finish line and shocked with the presentation by Ford Motor Company of a brand-new Falcon Econoline van.  Soon plastered with every racing decal imaginable, this became Larry’s transportation, as well as his accommodations, up through 1985, after which he fell into ill health. He still attended, but with friends bringing him. He passed away in December 1988 at the age of 90.

Adoption cost: $1,000

Adoption benefits:

* One-year Racing Ambassador membership

* Recognition signage with the car during the run of the exhibit

* Recognition and on the Museum’s website under current exhibits

* Listing on the Adopt-an-Exhibit donor wall in the Museum

* An “I adopted” magnet of the car

* A certificate of adoption

* Invitation to the “From the Vault” members-only preview party