Chevrolet Panel Truck

Name: Chevrolet Panel Truck

Year Built: 1951

Driver: Larry Bisceglia

Lawrence “Larry” Bisceglia was an auto mechanic who attended the Indianapolis 500 as far back as 1926. In 1948, he arrived early with his aging 1933 DeSoto to be the first fan to line up at the gate but was surprised to find two cars already parked ahead of him. Larry made another attempt in 1949 but was still beaten by one vehicle. By arriving on May 11 in 1950, he finally achieved his goal. Larry went on to become quite famous for annually being “first in line.” By 1955, Larry replaced the De Soto with this 1951 Chevrolet panel truck, and it became highly recognizable, adorned with hundreds of racing decals. When Ford Motor Company presented Larry with a brand-new van in 1967, he turned the Chevrolet over to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.


Janay Martin