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Starting in the early ‘60s, “Roadsters 2 Records” showcases popular American drivers such as A.J. Foyt, Parnelli Jones, Rodger Ward, and their front-engine “Roadsters,” breaking records in dramatic races. In 1964, Foyt claimed his second career Indianapolis 500 win, but it was also the last time a front-engine roadster would win at Indy.

During this time, a wave of talent, technology, ideas, and style arrived from Europe, spurring the rear-engine revolution in full force by Jim Clark’s 1965 Indy 500 victory. Only one front-engine car started the race by the following year, setting the stage for the modern era of racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


The Indianapolis 500 and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway have long been a part of American sports culture. Over 250,000 race fans from across the world make the annual journey to witness The Greatest Spectacle in Racing. But the race is more than just the 200 laps of edge-of-your-seat competition; it’s the fans packed into the Snake Pit, listening to the call on the radio, the milk, the kissing of the bricks. It’s an entire month of “Traditions”.

In the first new exhibition of 2022, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum invites you to relive your favorite traditions through iconic photography, inspiring videos, and some of your favorite traditions on display. Highlights include tailgating, concerts, The Command, and “Back Home Again in Indiana”.

“IN-FOCUS: The Stories of IMS Photo”

“IN-Focus: The Stories of IMS Photo” highlights the photographers of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Photo Department (IMS Photo) and their work. At 220-plus miles an hour, it is hard to keep up with an IndyCar, but the photographers of IMS Photo have the task of capturing a vehicle traveling the length of a football field in less than a second with extreme precision. Their cameras record scenes of determination, triumph, defeat, daring on-track passes, fan activity, and everything in between at the Speedway and NTT INDYCAR series races.

Guests can listen to stories from the photographers while surrounded by their work, learning what it took to capture the images on display. IMS Photo continuously adds to the photo department’s 110-plus-year-old archives, which is often a resource for the Museum and its exhibitions.