Museum People

Man walking past race cars in museumHave you ever thought about the people in a museum? I don’t just mean the people in paintings, photos and, in the case of the IMS Museum, the ones with their faces on the trophy. I’m talking about museum people – the ones who work there and the ones who visit. The tour guides, the curators, the educators. The tourists, the locals, the members and donors.

Behind the Scenes

I must admit, before I started working at a museum, I never really gave much thought to what went on behind the scenes. I didn’t think about who the staff were or how they got there. Or wonder where they stored all the stuff when not on exhibit. Before I came to the IMS Museum, I didn’t realize that technicians were restoring vehicles onsite, curators and collections staff were changing exhibits twice a year, or even that outreach professionals were building the membership program.

Still, with thousands of artifacts on exhibit and in storage, it is the people who make the museum. And we want you to get to know our people – from the subjects of our collections and exhibits, to our staff, to our guests and supporters.

And to do this (drum roll please) …

We are proud to announce our new blog!

In the coming weeks, look for new posts from us. We’ll tell you about our jobs, backgrounds, collections, exhibits, programs and even a few “rest of the story” stories. Curated especially for you by those closest to the Museum, posts will be casual, informative and worth the read. Now that we’ve told you about our exciting new plans, we need your help!

Name Our Blog

We could just call it “The Blog,” but we think there’s a much more creative, fitting name out there and we want you to help us find it. Send us your ideas or jump over to our Facebook page and comment under the blog announcement post! Have burning questions or topic suggestions? We’ll take those too!

Before you go, please jump over to our second post written by IMS Museum restoration technician Nelson Cabrera. He usually spends his days in the restoration shop, but the 2020 pandemic has him behind the computer at home. Read more to find out how Nelson is scratching that mechanical itch to get back in the garage.